Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Tour with Dick Dale!!!

Ok! So I just finished up just over 400 shows with Agent Orange, and I am very proud of the time I spent with Mike, Perry and Dave on the road! I got some great press too! Miss those guys already!
TWSS! Perry knows whats up!

For a few years, I have a few key promoters wanting Dick and I to do some shows together. What started out as a weekend fly in gig turned into a full on tour! Stoked beyond words! The dates keep coming in! Keep an eye here for the latest info!

Also, returning for another tour is Dicks son Jimmy! AND my buddy Trevor on bass! We have done most of these cities last year. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces out there!

This tour will be a blast, get your tickers now!!!
Here is a great pic that Dick signed for me last week at our rehearsal !!!



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