Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Sick Year!!!

2010 update! 200 days on the road! Another 50,000 miles on the van! Got to headline 23 sh0ws!
From Los Angeles to Seatlle, down to San Diego, over to Ft. Laduderdale, up tp Atlanta, and back through El Paso and Tucson! Gotta thank all the great promoters, and friends that made this possible! Great band memebers too! Korey Kingston, Jeff Bennett, the Mattson 2, Trevor Lucca and Jimmy Dale! 2011 is starting out great, doing NYE with Agent Orange in Cocoa Beach, and staying out with them through January 16th. Come see me, and pick up my latest 7". Speaking of, gotta thank my great friends Greg and Mike of the Reigning Monarchs! Down load our split single on iTunes, and buy the vinyl too!!! Ok, see you at the show! -LD