Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some great press from my summer tour with Dick Dale!

Review from the Continental Club, Houston TX!

" The King of Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, and Surf Punk Legend Laramie Dean have joined together! They came to rock Houston and they did that, and much, much more. "

" Laramie Dean put on a ripping show. With skulls, and eery red lit fog covering the stage, it was a perfect site to back up the music. Authentic reverb heavy surf music, but with crunchy distortion, and a Punk attitude, it makes the term " Surf Punk " well warranted. The set featured well known surf staples like "Pipeline", "Penetration". and " Mr. Motot". Along with some great originals like : " Surf Wolf ", " Surf Riot " and the new single " the Creeper " , it makes for an undeniably great, rowdy Surf set. Another special highlight of the performance of " Bonzai Washout ", which wouldn't be played due to the lack of horns in his current line-up. Before completely finishing the set, Laramie passed out his guitar to a few lucky crowd goers, putting the final cherry on top of a great show. "