Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some great press from my summer tour with Dick Dale!

Review from the Continental Club, Houston TX!

" The King of Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, and Surf Punk Legend Laramie Dean have joined together! They came to rock Houston and they did that, and much, much more. "

" Laramie Dean put on a ripping show. With skulls, and eery red lit fog covering the stage, it was a perfect site to back up the music. Authentic reverb heavy surf music, but with crunchy distortion, and a Punk attitude, it makes the term " Surf Punk " well warranted. The set featured well known surf staples like "Pipeline", "Penetration". and " Mr. Motot". Along with some great originals like : " Surf Wolf ", " Surf Riot " and the new single " the Creeper " , it makes for an undeniably great, rowdy Surf set. Another special highlight of the performance of " Bonzai Washout ", which wouldn't be played due to the lack of horns in his current line-up. Before completely finishing the set, Laramie passed out his guitar to a few lucky crowd goers, putting the final cherry on top of a great show. "

Monday, July 18, 2011

Had a SICK tour with DICK! Thanks to Jimmy, Trevor, Hideki, Drew, Daniel, Lana, Steve-O, and of course DD! 15 cities! Got some great press too!

" Opening support came from a legendary surf guitar player in his own right, Laramie Dean, who took it upon himself to book the tour without the aid of an agent. His set was composed of originals mixed with some new school interpretations of surf music's mainstays. To solidify his street credit, Dean has recorded with Joe King of the punk band, The Queers, as well as toured with surf-punks Agent Orange. "

-Brian Mahar, St Pete Fl

Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Tour with Dick Dale update!!!

Been out for two weeks, and now we start for home! Been getting some great press, and selling out shows! When I get home, I'll post some photos. Here is one from a sold out show in St. Pete FL!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Tour with Dick Dale!!!

Ok! So I just finished up just over 400 shows with Agent Orange, and I am very proud of the time I spent with Mike, Perry and Dave on the road! I got some great press too! Miss those guys already!
TWSS! Perry knows whats up!

For a few years, I have a few key promoters wanting Dick and I to do some shows together. What started out as a weekend fly in gig turned into a full on tour! Stoked beyond words! The dates keep coming in! Keep an eye here for the latest info!

Also, returning for another tour is Dicks son Jimmy! AND my buddy Trevor on bass! We have done most of these cities last year. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces out there!

This tour will be a blast, get your tickers now!!!
Here is a great pic that Dick signed for me last week at our rehearsal !!!



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More press for 2011!!!

Here are some nice write ups from my winter tour with Agent Orange :

" During the set the trio were joined by guitar icon Laramie Dean, who honed his surf guitar skills studying under surf guitar pioneer Dick Dale, as well as performing and touring with Punk Rock royalty ( The Misfits, Fishbone, the Queers, Anti-Flag and more) ever since"

-Take Cover and Shoot! 01-01-11

"To be sure, when surf music savant Laramie Dean jumped up and helped ignite "Miserlou" into a monster sonic wave for the last song, the crowd drank it in, dizzy and deep"

-The Houston Press 01-10-11

" I enjoyed everybit of the show, but the stand out moment(s) for me was when surf guitar legend, Laramie Dean joined Mike, Perry and Dave on stage for some classic surf tunes.

Laramie ended his performance by holding his beloved guitar over the crowd and encouraged their outstreched hands to play it, making for a most righteous photo op "

-Tatto Artist Magazine 02-11-2011

Many thanks to Agent Orange, and to the reporters covering these shows!