Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More press for 2011!!!

Here are some nice write ups from my winter tour with Agent Orange :

" During the set the trio were joined by guitar icon Laramie Dean, who honed his surf guitar skills studying under surf guitar pioneer Dick Dale, as well as performing and touring with Punk Rock royalty ( The Misfits, Fishbone, the Queers, Anti-Flag and more) ever since"

-Take Cover and Shoot! 01-01-11

"To be sure, when surf music savant Laramie Dean jumped up and helped ignite "Miserlou" into a monster sonic wave for the last song, the crowd drank it in, dizzy and deep"

-The Houston Press 01-10-11

" I enjoyed everybit of the show, but the stand out moment(s) for me was when surf guitar legend, Laramie Dean joined Mike, Perry and Dave on stage for some classic surf tunes.

Laramie ended his performance by holding his beloved guitar over the crowd and encouraged their outstreched hands to play it, making for a most righteous photo op "

-Tatto Artist Magazine 02-11-2011

Many thanks to Agent Orange, and to the reporters covering these shows!


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