Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Update!!!

Wow! Been a few months since I updated the site! After my tour with Deke Dickerson, I had a few surgeries. Been in therapy, and now going under the knife again tomorrow! Don't worry, I'll be back on the road again, better than ever! Got lots of plans, and will keep you updated for sure!

In the meantime, here is a review from my show with Dick Dale in Mamphis TN last summer. Dick
will be back at this club this week! Tell him Laramie says hi!

" I never realized how fast so many of these tracks were…I just always assumed they sounded fast. Instead, Dale plays a constant staccato beat, and his bassist (Sam Bolle) and drummer (son Jimmy Dale) pound away right along with him without appearing to break a sweat. "

" Given Dale’s age (74) and his long history of health concerns (dating back to a mid-’60s bout of colorectal cancer that has, unfortunately, recurred nearly 45 years later), he looked and played like a man at least a generation younger. "

" The show’s opener was Laramie Dean, a surf punk guitarist. The main difference between Dale’s sound and Dean’s is that the surf punk is noisier. Dean seemed plenty skilled, having played for 22 of his 30 years, and he played every bit as fast, but he inserts guitar work that is more representational of hard rock. "

" Dean had a young band, all of whom were apparently 19 years old. Jimmy Dale was on drums, with Hideki Ikeura on trumpet, Trevor Lucca on bass. The additional of trumpet gave Dean’s sound a more retro surf rock tinge. "

_ Stephen Scheer, Memphis,TN